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Peltola, T, Ratamäki, O, Åkerman, M, Arpin, I, Balian, E, Bunnefeld, N, James Irvine, S, Nygren, NV, Palosaari, T, Peltonen,  L, Stadelmann, T, Thomson, I, Von Korff, Y, Young, JC & Redpath, S (2018) Missing the Peacock—Arts, Sciences, Creativity, and Chronic Environmental Conflicts. Polymath 8 (1), 1-15.

Hecker, S., Bonney, R., Haklay, M., Hölker, F., Hofer, H., Goebel, C., Gold, M., Makuch, Z., Ponti, M., Richter, A., Robinson, L., Rubio-Iglesias, J., Owen, R., Peltola, T., Sforzi, A., Shirk, J., Vogel, J., Vohland, K., Witt, T.  & Bonn, A. 2018. Innovation in Citizen Science – Perspectives on Science-Policy Advances. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice 3(1): 4.

Environmental collaboration and conflict resolution: The Crossroads of Forestry, Ecosystem Services and Wildlife 20.-24.8.2018 — course report.

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