Are you interested in getting information about the CORE project and our events? Would you like to discuss with us or ask us to collaborate with you? Read more about our information channels etc. here!

In all matters related to communication, you can be in contact with communication manager Maija Faehnle, senior researcher at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. The communication manager is responsible for the preparation of the interaction plan, addresses its implementation, creates the ground for communication, interaction and collaboration in the project and supports the project partners with these.

Interaction between the project researchers, stakeholder partners and other stakeholders in the society is an essential the basis for the research in CORE.


  • Stakeholder partners include public and civil society organisations, companies and different types of mediator organisations.
  • We also do case-specific collaboration with other “knowledge gatekeeper” organisations relevant in the field of collaborative governance, such as the Forum for the Environmental Information.
  • We collaborate with other projects, in particular our sister projects in the Changing governance and active citizenship programme, BIBU and PALO.
  • Other key groups we work with include diverse citizens, political decision makers and medias.

International collaboration

Two key partner organisations outside Finland are Consensus Building Institute (Massachusetts) and National Policy Consensus Center at Portland State University (Oregon). Collaboration with these includes organising education for professionals interested in collaborative governance.

CORE is also supported by a group of experts forming the International Advisory Board:

Prof. Pieter Glasbergen, Maastricht Uni, Netherlands

Prof. Donatella della Porta, Scuola Normale Superior, Italy

Ass. Prof. Kaisa Raitio, Swedish Agricultural University

Prof. Masahiro Matsuura, Meiji Uni, Japan

Prof Esther Turnhout, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

Prof. Michael Brown, McGill University, Canada

Director Laurel Singer, Portland State University (PSU)

Ass Prof. Todd Schenk, Virginia Tech, USA