Value co-creation between business and society

The CORE project’s fifth work package focuses on leveraged value creation between business and society. Research on value creation has been substantially concentrating only on the business side, leaving open an important research gap on the mechanisms of value co-creation between business and society.

We examine what kinds of mechanisms support value co-creation between businesses and society and through empirical interventions propose best practices to enhance value co-creation between business and society.

In the first phase, the work package identifies the different value expectations of different stakeholders. The results of the value analysis ​​are compiled as a value map.

The second step is to look at co-operation between the different sectors represented in the selected cases from the point of view of value creation. Here, the value map developed above is used.

In the third phase, recommendations are made to promote joint leadership and value co-creation in different types of situations. The results are also reported in the form of scientific articles.

The work package is led by prof. Nina Helander from Tampere University of Technology and Associate Professor Pia Polsa from Hanken.